CPA Annual Conference 2019


Pooja Sohal (left) and Hangsel Sanguino (right) are busy this weekend presenting their research at the annual Canadian Psychological Association conference!

Congratulations to Brooke Russell for winning CIHR!

Congratulations to Brooke Russell for winning a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Doctoral Award! This funding will be used towards developing a tool to measure fear of cancer recurrence for survivors of childhood cancer and identify risk factors and health outcomes related to fear of cancer recurrence in this group.

Recent Publication: "Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety as Related to Gestational Age at Birth"

Congratulations to Kristin Horsley, Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen, Blaine Ditto, and Suzanne Tough for the recent publication of their abstract in the Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine! Study results suggest that the association between hypertensive disorder and shortened gestation may be heightened if depressive symptoms and state anxiety is also present. Click the link below for the abstract!

American Psychosomatic Society 2019 Annual Meeting

We had a wonderful opportunity this past week to attend the American Psychosomatic Society 2019 Annual Meeting in Vancouver! Pictured is Brooke Russell, Emily Cameron, and Matt Shay presenting some of their research at the poster sessions.

Brooke Russell

Brooke Russell

Emily Cameron

Emily Cameron

Matt Shay

Matt Shay

CIHR Early Career Investigator Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Tomfohr-Madsen on recently receiving the CIHR grant!! With this funding, we’ll soon be beginning a randomized controlled trial of cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia experienced during pregnancy!

Award Winners!

Congratulations to Hangsel Sanguino and Pooja Sohal (pictured on the right) for winning awards at the 2018 SU Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Calgary! For their excellent poster presentations, Hangsel was the recipient of the Faculty of Arts Award and Pooja won for her contribution to Consent Awareness and Sexual Education. Great job to the both of you!


PAIS Recruitment Completed

Congratulations to Ivan and Ashley for completing recruitment for the Pregnancy and Insomnia Study! We all look forward to seeing the results!

DADS Recruitment Completed

Congrats to Emily for attaining all the full sample size need for the Depression and Anxiety in Dads study and thank you to the fathers that participated!